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Stop wasting your time on research and use the extra time to hit the gym! You need some advice? Contact one of the many personal trainers to schedule your next appointment and track your training, to show your trainer your consistency. If you’re fit already, sign in for one of the many sports events that Dubai has to offer!

gyms & Events

New in Dubai? Find new friends in a gym close to your home and register for the next event. If it’s a marathon or the Strongman competition… we will leave that up to you!

Personal Trainer

You struggle to go to the gym because you don’t know what to do or how to motivate yourself? Get a Personal Trainer to help you out, or to come to your home so you can get fit wherever you feel comfortable!


We know you like to get a good deal! We keep our eyes open for you and offer you exciting things to do. Why don’t you go to a free Yoga class or get a good deal on a deep tissue massage? Check it out!

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